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ELEC7036, 2010 Fall
CMOS RF Integrated Circuit Design
Analysis and Design of CMOS Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits
ELEC7026, 2011 Fall
Analog Design Essentials
Analog Design Essentials
INF0130025.02, 2013 Fall
Principle of Analog Integrated Circuit Design
Analysis and Design of CMOS Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits
INFO130281.03 2013 Fall
Fundamental of Analog Electronics
CMOS RF Integrated Circuit Design
  1. 射频集成电路的基本概念
  2. CMOS工艺中的无源/有源元器件
  3. 低噪声放大器(LNA)
  4. 混频器(Mixer)
  5. 压控振荡器(Voltage-Controlled Oscillator)
  6. 频率综合器(Frequency Synthesizer)
  7. 功率放大器(Power Amplifier)
  8. 无线收发机架构:WLAN收发机,RF TV Tuner,SDR Receiver
Analog Design Essentials


Comparison of MOS and bipolar transistors
Amplifiers, source followers and cascodes
Differential voltage and current amplifiers
Stability of operational amplifiers
Systematic design of operational amplifiers
Important opamp configurations
Fully-differential amplifiers
Rail-to-rail input and output amplifiers
Class AB and driver amplifiers
Feedback voltage and transconductance amplifiers
Feedback transimpedance and current amplifiers
Noise performance of elementary transistor stages
Offset and CMRR: random and systematic
Distortion in elementary transistor circuits
Design of multistage operational amplifiers
Bandgap and current reference circuits
Switched-capacitor filters
Continous-time filters
CMOS ADC and DAC principles
Low-power sigma-delta AD converters
Design of crystal oscillators
Coupling effects in mixed analog-digital ICs





Principle of Analog Integrated Circuit Design
  1. 集成电路器件和模型
  2. 单管放大器
  3. 两管放大器
  4. 运算放大器的稳定性
  5. 运算放大器的系统设计
  6. 运算放大器的重要结构
  7. 反馈1:电压放大器和跨导放大器
  8. 反馈2:跨阻放大器和电流放大器
  9. 基本晶体管级的噪声性能
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Fundamental of Analog Electronics
  1. 电路分析基础
  2. 半导体器件
  3. 晶体管放大器
  4. 集成放大器
  5. 反馈
  6. 信号处理电路
  7. 直流电源
  8. 直流电源补充材料
  1. 第二章补充题
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